Spring Cleaning with Some Help

I have four sisters, and I am the only one who enjoys spring cleaning. When we were younger, our parents made us do it every year, and they would grumble up a storm. I was the opposite though. I loved seeing us get rid of things we no longer used and cleaning things that had not been touched since our previous deep cleaning. This year, I was looking forward to doing my cleaning at the same time, but I ended up breaking my arm. Not to worry though, because I did a search for spring cleaning in Singapore.

I knew that I could not do it on my own because I was quite limited in what I could do with my broken arm. Continue reading

I Got Transferred to Oregon

I just got up to Portland the other day. My boss gave me a pretty stark choice, I could either accept a transfer up here or I could start to look for a new job. It was not all that awful, because it came with a promotion and a raise in pay. In fact I did not have a lot holding me down there. My girlfriend and I were about to break up and I was in the process of moving out of her place. So I drove North and started checking out Frontier internet in Oregon and moving into this little house that I found on the web. This house is tiny, but there is just the one of me. Continue reading

Turkey Hunting Success Using Good Camouflage

I have been a fan of the Mossy Oak brand of camouflage for a long time. It matches where I live to a degree that is practically perfect. I wear camo when I hunt for turkeys. They are very wary birds, and you need to disappear into the landscape to call them in close. I bought a Mossy Oak gun cover for my shotgun that matches the pattern that I wear. I used to have a cover that was camo, but it did not match the outfit I wear. I am not talking about a fashion statement here. I am talking about having a matching camo pattern to make you essentially invisible until you move. It is amazing how you can disappear with good camo.

I have had people walk past me before and not notice me. Continue reading

Watching Korean Films with My Wife

When I started dating my wife years ago, I had no idea that she would be the one. I just thought she was cute, and I wanted to get to know her better. She is Korean, which was fascinating to me as well. While we were dating and during the first few years of our marriage, she only shared her American customs with me. As we got further in our marriage though, she started sharing more. She wanted to download Korean drama films for the two of us to watch together, and this was something we finally could since I finally had a firm hold of the Korean language by that point. Continue reading

Tree Work Done for Cheap

There is the one tree that has steadily become more and more of a problem for my house. It is a problem in that there is a risk that it could fall on my house, and that is a risk that I do not want to continue to take going forward. Rather, since I Have my home all paid off for now, I want to get the tree removed as soon as I can. I need to find a tree service in Queens NY that has quick service and will be able to send someone to my house to do the job in the next couple of days. I could wait longer to get it done, but the issue is that I really do not want to wait any longer.

It causes me a great deal of anxiety to have to deal with having a tree that is leaning over the roof of the house. It did not always lean so much over the house, but it has been growing crooked for at least a decade now. I am not sure what caused it to start to lean in the direction of the house, but I wish it had grown so that it would lean int he other direction. I want to go ahead and make some phone calls to try to find the people to talk to to get this job done.

I used to have a friend that did tree work and he was pretty good at it. He would givbe me a discount on the work, but he is not in the business anymore. He accumulated too much wear and tear on his body while he was doing it, and so he changed his career path before he ended up being a cripple from the line of work.

Defending Yourself in Court: Bad Idea

If you have been charged with a crime you do have the right to invoke the sixth amendment which is the right to self representation, which means that you would be waiving your right to counsel. There are significant disadvantages for any person who entertains the notion of being their own counsel; these dangers are what we will try to address in this article. A Sacramento criminal attorney is trained for years within criminal case law and statues and many believe that it is wise to leave your criminal cases to the experts.

There are so many precedents and legal jargon that it is almost impossible to think that you can maintain a productive trial and do a better job than the real criminal defense lawyers. Continue reading

Let’s Change the Rules for Cable

When I decided that I needed to change television providers, I realized that I only had a limited number of options available to me. I was surprised by how restricted things had become in this industry but luckily I was able to find Direct TV in New York – you would have thought that might be more in New York of all places but unfortunately a handful of companies have done everything that they can in order to take control over the industry. In every case that this has happened in the history of any industry, bad things have followed suit. Continue reading